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≡(▔﹏▔)≡ ⁠EDward Gaming1 - 233% 2⁠ ⁠Oh My God1 - 233% 2⁠ ⁠Ultra Prime1 - 233% Group B TeamGames 1⁠ ⁠Bilibili Gaming2 - 167% 1⁠ ⁠FunPlus Phoenix2 - 167% Jeong "EnT" Chan-ho (Hangul: 정찬호) is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously support for Virtuoso Gaming.。

∪ω∪ Zwan Gaming Colombia is a Colombian LoL team. They acquired the Golden League 2020 Closing Promotion spot of Buscamos Organizacion after a rebrand.League of Legends 7.87.6 1想玩3在玩1玩过0已购买0在关注列表贡献点评简介开发/发行厂商链接媒体评分7.8会员评分7.6 《英雄联盟》简称LOL) 是由美国拳头游戏(Riot Games) 。

2020-10-26League_of_Legends_URF_2020 Sssmay 2 播放· 0 弹幕24:31 2020-10-24League_of_Legends___Smoothbrain_Silvers Sssmay 1 播放· 0 弹幕16:15 2020-10-27DIf you're a League of Legends player and want the ultimate guide to every aspect of the game, do yourself a favor and bookmark the League of Legends Wiki. Here yo。

最近更新:1个月前综合英雄Live Game About OP.GG LOGO历史记录个人信息处理方针帮助合作建议Advertise 疑问/反馈© 2012-2021 OP.GG. League of LegMiracle Gaming is a Spanish eSports organization founded in March 2017.。

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